The experience, reliability and professional training of our personnel, as well as skilled workforce capacity and technical equipment, offer the guarantee of works in the fields of:


Civil and industrial constructions

Our company performs industrial and civil constructions at European Standards: steel structure buidlings, concrete or mixt structures, sandwich closings, rehabilitation of existent buildings, industrial buildings, warehouses, factories / plants etc.

Reference works: 
Heineken – Concrete Structures For Beer Tanks
Nuclear Electrica – Concrete Structures At Unit 1 And 2
Industrial Buildings For The Manufacture Of Nuclear Fuel – Pitesti
Biological Treatment Plant ARGUS Constanta
Lime Factory Corbu

Thermal insulation on pipes and equipment

We perform(ed) insulation works on pipes and equipment including protection of metal and removable enclosures.

Reference works: 
SNN CNE Cernavoda
General Electric
Rominserv – Midia
Elcomex Cernavoda
R&M Ship Interior Tulcea

Special processes

- Injections for concrete structure rehabilitations
- Sealing Injections – Waterproofing
- Concrete Strengthening

We have the necessary gunning equipment used to strengthen of concrete structures and beyond.

Reference works: 

Venus Hotel Mangalia
Astoria Hotel – Eforie Nord
Europa Hotel- Eforie Nord
Britania Hotel– Eforie Nord
Heineken Constanta

Anticorrosive protections

We also have qualified personnel for providing anticorrosive protection in different environments:
- Salty environment
- Chemical environment
- Low / high temperature
- Chemical storage tanks
- Epoxy , antislip, antiacid floors

Reference works: 

Hotels on the Black Sea Shore
Argos Constanta
CELCO Constanta
SNN CNE PROD Cernavoda

Cold insulation

The company has the technology and tools to perform pipe and equipment thermal insulation which have the working temperature up to – 160 ºC, by using different materials such us : foamglass, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, kaiflex, armaflex, polystyrene

Reference works: 
- CNE Cernavoda
- Rompetrol
- Interagro Zimnicea

Insulation with refractory concrete applied by gunning, casting and stamping

The tools and equipment are in accordance with the UOP .

Reference works: 
- CNE Cernavoda Unitatea 1
- Rafinaria Arpechim Pitesti
- Rominserv
- Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti

Fire protections with mortar or thermofoaming / intumescent paints

We perform fire protections works with mortar or thermofoaming / intumescent paints offering solutions for both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fire , the materials we are using having technical agreements.
SC STIZO NUCLEAR SA is a certified applier for both thermoprotections with thermofoaming / intumescent paints and gunned products.

Reference works: 
Cellulosic fire
- CNE Cernavoda
-Tribunalul Municipiului Bucuresti
- BRD Piata Victoriei
- BRD Televiziunea Bucuresti
- Mobexpert Pipera
- Kaufland Bucuresti , Timisoara , Satu Mare , Targu Mures , Alba Iulia
- Centrul Expozitional Moldova Iasi
- Real Vitan Bucuresti
- Biofuel – Fabrica de alcool Zimnicea
- Fabrica de ulei – Dropia Zimnicea
- Carrefour Ploiesti
- Hypermarket Cora Bucuresti , Titan Bucuresti
- FCN Pitesti

Hydrocarbon fire
- Rominserv
- Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti

The company , the personnel , the tools and equipment are approved by ISU (Firemen).